We've been vetted by Checkatrade.com

We've signed up to Checkatrade.com to reassure our customers that they are dealing with a good company. We were impressed at the level of scrutiny at which Checkatrade staff have to abide by, before we can be listed live on their website. These are some of the checks that were carried out before we could go live on their site...

  • Interviewed at registered address.
  • Personal identification checks.
  • Public Liabilty Insurance (PLI) checked.
  • Agreed and signed to abide by the Checkatrade standard.
  • References supplied and checked.

These checks are thorough and necessary to weed out any fraudsters. We passed with flying colours.

The main section that most people are concerned with is reviews on our work. To the right is a summary of our current performance.

Checkatrade RID Damp Proofing/
Checkatrade information for RID Damp Proofing
Checkatrade summary of performance.

Your chance to rate us:

In accordance with the Checkatrade standard which we agreed and signed, before we commence any work, the customer should be given a Checkatrade card which allows the customer to post a review of our work to the Checkatrade team.

If you're a customer who has had work done by us in the past before we were signed up to Checkatrade, you still have the opportunity to upload a review to the Checkatrade site by clicking the link below...